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At we are committed to providing those living with Autism, their families, care givers, and any concerned person, with a solution to access pertinent and updated information about Autism.



You spend so many

thankless hours

helping your

child with autism


Staying up to date shouldn't take up any of them


Access the Autism Information Portal



Our Information Portal is your connection to up to date autism news articles.


You would do anything for your child with autism. You pour so much of you, so much of your time, and so much of your energy into supporting them in every way you possibly can. 

Some days, the cherished ones, you see glimpses of their progress. Simple things like your child making eye contact, asking for a kiss, or getting dressed without a meltdown are celebrated. 

We created the Autism Information Portal to make it simple for you to connect to the newest and most useful information being published all around the web daily. 

We hope by bringing this information to your fingertips, we can make your journey with autism a little less overwhelming.


What kind of Information will you find in the portal?


Feel Good Stories

We hope these heartwarming stories will help you feel more connected to the autism community around the world.


Education & Training

Connect with helpful tools and find stories that can inspire and educate a teacher, social worker, healthcare professional to better meet the needs of those with autism


Updated Research

Helping you stay up to date is our mission. We will connect you with the latest research from all over the world.


We will keep you Inspired & Informed on the latest News!